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A twin, the UR-V, coming from Hondas other joint-venture in China with Dongfeng, will arrive in early 2017, the same way Honda markets the XR-V and Vezel. Priced from 269.800 to 328.900 yuan (US ) which makes it a luxury SUV, the Avancier with compete with the likes of the Buick Envision, Ford Edge, Toyota Highlander.

Supply is broken down as follows. Supply before a fuse: BB: battery ve supply AA: accessory ve supply CC: ignition controlled ve supply W: sidelamp ve supply KK: ve supply after ignition switched off Example: BB2 (type of supply wire identification number). Supply after a fuse: В: battery ve supply A: accessory ve supply С.

The functions are grouped in 8 families. Power unit: 10 - starting, current generation 11 - ignition system, pre-heating 12-13 - fuel system, fuel injection 14 - engine diagnostics 15 - cooling system 16 - gearbox, drive shafts 17 - engine electrical supply - accumulator Exterior lighting and signalling: 20 - rear fog lamps 21.

G: E005A, E005B 5 - INTERCONNECTION NUMBERING : The letters IС are used followed by a 2-digit identifying number. Application of an alphabetical index if the interconnections are identical, e. g: IC20, IC05A, IC05B. 6 - NUMBERING OF BRIDGE BLOCK CONNECTORS : The letter В is used, followed by a 3 figure number, e. g.

Auto ru 34 85

bar for success: 6.000 sales 7. Honda Avancier 301 629 sales) The second Honda to land in the Chinese sales charts auto ru 34 85 this month, it is priced from 89.900 to 127.900 yuan but should set the sales charts on fire with its sporty grille and crossoverish profile.WIRING DIAGRAMS - GENERAL CONTENTS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT : LIST OF COMPONENTS (SECTION 1 LIST OF COMPONENTS (SECTION 2) : LIST OF COMPONENTS (SECTION 3) : LIST OF SYMBOLS MULTY -ASSEMBLY : LIST OF SYMBOLS POWER UNIT : LIST OF SYMBOLS EXTERIOR LIGHTING AND SIGNALLING : LIST OF SYMBOLS INTERIOR LIGHTING : LIST OF SYMBOLS.

bar for success: 10.000 sales auto ru 34 85 2. It is already almost there. No automatic gearbox is available. It is powered by a choice of two engines: a Mitsubishi-sourced 1.6 with 117hp and a Peugeot-sourced 2.0 with 138 hp.

M: representation brom ru продажа авто челябинск of a splice. 11 - READING WIRING DIAGRAMS : N: harness identification. O: fuse box diagram. P: interconnection number. Q: number of interconnection ways. R: interconnection colour. S: representation of a partial interconnection. T: representation of a splice. 12 - READING INSTALLATION DIAGRAMS 1: identifying the harness shown. 2: identifying the equipment. 3.

C6560: air bag test connector. C6570: air bag test connector pre-tensioner. C6640: ride height circuit bleeding connector. C6860: electric hood test connector. C7000: anti-lock brake test connector. C7001: ABS power fuse holder connector. C7: traction control test connector. C7100: variable power steering test connector. C7215: multifunction screen diagnostic connector. C7710: suspension test connector. C8000: heater test connector. C8201: immobiliser test connector. C8400: radio battery ve connector. C8600: alarm test connector. C861: alarm supply connector. C.

An ambitious (pompous?) pricing policy from embattled Peugeot given the 4008 has the heavy task to turning the brands fortunes around in China by riding the unstoppable SUV wave. The 2008 peaked at 8.010 monthly sales and the 3008 at 7.352. The 4008 will have to do at least as well to be deemed a success. Bar for success: 8.000 sales Previous month: China September 2016: Focus on the All-new models One year ago: China October 2015: Focus on the All-new models.

Dongfeng Fengxing SX6 See the Top 70 China-made brands and Top 400 models by clicking here Like in September, the October class of all-new nameplates amount to nine, including six above 1.000 units. Once again, SUVs dominate new launches with 5 of them this month vs. 2 sedans and 2 MPVs. 1. Dongfeng Fengxing SX6.

Bar for success: 12.000 sales 8. Weichai Enranger G5 305 566 sales) After launching the Enranger G3 SUV in July 2015, the 737 MPV in September 2015 and the 727 MPV in March 2016, Weichai Auto, a new Chinese manufacturer owned by Weichai Power specialised in diesel engines, now has a fourth nameplate in its lineup. The G5 SUV.

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Bar for success: 7.500 sales 6. Honda Gienia 253 1.197 sales) One of the biggest foreign beneficiaries of the SUV surge in China with its twin mini crossovers XR-V and Vezel, Honda doesnt neglect the sedan segment and launches this China-only Gienia, a sort of mini Crosstour liftback based on the Greiz platform, itself an.

Like Zotye, Hanteng is owned by Tech-New Group and it shows: its first offering, the X7, is basically a rebadged Zotye T600. Hanteng has very ambitious plans: launching four additional nameplates by 2020, starting with the X5 A-SUV, already unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show last week, but also an A0-SUV called I3, an MPV.

G.: 4310. The first two figures indicate the function, the two following figures identify the component. The numbers for indicator lamps are preceded by the letter V e. g.: V2610. Special numbering of equipment which supplies an electrical feed: BB00: battery BB10: battery ve unit CA00: ignition switch BF00: fuse box Free connectors which have.

weiwang S50 and Changhe Q25 in March, borgward BX7 in July and BAW BJ20 plus Changhe Q35 in August, the BAW BJ80 in April, bAIC auto ru 34 85 Weiwang M50F 244 1.500 sales) Beijing Auto is on a new launch olimpik auto ru отзывы 5 лучших моделей frenzy this year: after the. Bar for success: 5.000 sales 5. Senova X35 in May,valve Corporation. All auto ru 34 85 rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Показать ещё История автомобиля Полезная информация об автомобилях, зарегистрированных в Москве и Московской области: технические характеристики, участие в авариях и другие сведения. Информация предоставлена порталом «Автокод» ресурс Правительства Москвы.

LIST OF COMPONENTS (SECTION 1 B001: mixed bridge block 1. B002: mixed bridge block 2. B003: mixed bridge block 3. BB00: battery. BB01: battery assembly (rear). BB02: battery assembly (lower front). ВВ0З: battery assembly (upper front). BB04: battery central assembly unit. BB05: starter battery. BB06: battery. BB10: battery ve control unit. BCP3: 3 relay protection.

Bar for success: 5.000 sales 4. Foton Gratour 220 2.007 sales) Foton launched the Gratour ix5 and ix7 at the Beijing Auto Show last April but had since been accounted for in the LCV sales charts. The Gratour sub-brand now changes segments and appears in the MPV ranking one of the intricacies of a Chinese.

Sized almost identically at /1.72 vs. /1.72 for the Baojun, the M50F undercuts its rival as far as entry prices go from 67.800 to 91.800 yuan vs. for the 730. It is powered by a choice of 1.3T with six-speed manual or 1.5 with five-speed manual. The M50F is the second MPV sold under the Weiwang brand after.

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Comments: each vehicle has special features in the coding of the wires concerning the supplies (they are handled as variants). Other connections between components: the figures on the left repeat the number of the function concerned (see: coding of functions) the figures on the right represent the identification number in the function Example: 2604 (function.

Information Wipe-wash: 50 - windscreen wipers 51 - windscreen wash 52 - rear screen wiper 53 - rear screen wash 54-55 - headlamp wipe-wash, headlamp wash Assistance mechanisms: 60 - electric front windows 61 - electric rear windows 62 - central locking 63 - electrically controlled seats 64 to 6469 - electrically controlled mirrors 6470.

9 - COLOUR CODES : BA: white. BE: blue. BG: beige. GR: gray. JN: yellow. MR: brown. NR: black. OR: orange. RG: red. RS: pink. VE: green. VI: mauve. VJ: green/yellow. 10 - READING THE SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS : A: representation of an earth point. В: component number. С: wire number. D: connector socket number. E.

Сертификация авто. ру Москва Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 Series Р, 2007, 74 700 км Еще 7 фото. Москва Volkswagen Amarok I Р, 2012, 116 000 км Еще 7 фото. Москва. Mercedes-Benz CLA-klasse I (C117) Р, 2013, 48 000 км Еще 7 фото. Москва. Audi A5 I Рестайлинг Р, 2013, 65 000 км Москва Skoda.

its initial selling rate, above 8.000 units, a seven-seater crossover variant of the Fengxing S500 auto ru 34 85 MPV, is instant proof that this is yet another blockbuster for Dongfeng.except for electronics) connector sockets on components auto ru 34 85 earth points wire lines (with reference)) Wiring diagram: supplies ( and -)) components (with references,) function symbols and internal electro-mechanical details, wiring diagram. 2 - CONSTITUTION OF THE DIAGRAMS : Schematic diagram: supplies ( and -)) components (with references,) installation diagram. Function symbols,the Hanteng enters one of the most competitive segments in the Chinese market, the Zotye avito продажа автомобилей воронеж T600 is priced from 79.800 to 115.800 yuan. It is priced from 79.800 to 148.800 yuan (US)) and will be almost exclusively distributed outside of the big cities on the East coast, more so auto ru 34 85 in second-tier cities. For comparison,

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BMF2: maxi fuse unit. BMF3: maxi fuse unit. BMF4: maxi fuse unit. BM27: engine fuse board with 27 fuse (s). BM34: engine fuse board with 34 fuse (s). BSI1: built-in systems interface. C001: diagnostic connector. C002: breakdown wire connector. C004: instrument panel diagnostic connector. C1030: test connector -engine running information. C1042: general circuit breaker optional.

Bar for success: 1.500 sales 9. Peugeot 4008 340 324 sales) Behind this 4008 hides in fact the new generation Peugeot 3008 unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show this year and already on sale across Western Europe. The reason for this name change is the fact that the current 3008 will remain on sale in.

The previous generations Verna hit a personal best of 31.469 units in December 2015 but only crossed the 20.000 unit-mark eight other times, so a mid-20.000s monthly sales objective seems on par. Bar for success: 25.000 sales 3. Hanteng X7 144 5.006 sales) After SWM (Start Win More) last month, we welcome another all-new Chinese manufacturer.

C1270: EGR test connector. C1300: injection-ignition test connector. C1310: ignition/injection fuse holder connector. C1360: oxygen sensor heater fuse holder connector. C1400: TDC connector. C1450: system development connector. C1500: fan operation test connector. C1630: test connector (automatic gearbox). C1700: electronic management test connector. C1800: LPG diagnostic connector. C200: caravan socket connector. C2310: driving school dual control.


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automotive Management auto ru 34 85 - SCRAPPAGE : FOR AND AGAINST Automotive Management - COVER STAR! Automotive Management - AUTOMOTIVE AWARDS 2007 - LING sCARS NOMINATED! AWARD Automotive Management - LING VALENTINE TO STAR IN VIZ. THE FUTURE FOR CAR RETAILING? Automotive Management Awards - LING SHORTLISTED IN am ru авто пенза 2008 Automotive Management - CAR LEASING ENTREPRENEUR WINS I.T.